Driver Rollback Instructions

This will automatically detect, download, and install the driver. Once you have the drivers downloaded, you can install them by double-clicking on them and following the prompts. If you’re not sure how to do this, check out our guide on how to update drivers in Windows. There are a few things you’ll need to consider when looking for the right motherboard drivers. You’ll need to know the model number, as well as the make and model of your computer. This will help you find the correct drivers for your specific motherboard model.

You just need to search for your specific GPU’s drivers on the internet and you’ll find the link to download an update. The Khronos Group announces the release of the Vulkan 1.2 specification for GPU acceleration. Multiple GPU vendors have certified conformant implementations, and significant open source tooling is expected during January 2020. Khronos and the Vulkan community will support Vulkan 1.2 in a wide range of open source compilers, tools, and debuggers by the end of January 2020. Driver release updates will be posted on the Vulkan Public Release Tracker.

Updating Drivers

These drivers also help in controlling the monitor as well as the display units in displaying a video in a specific resolution. The video drivers would need to be compatible with the video display adapter that is installed in a particular system. The sound driver is also known by the name of “Soundcard Driver”.

  • In such cases, the standard troubleshooting practice is to manually update the device driver.
  • If you download drivers from a third-party site, you may be asked for your computer’s architecture (32-bit or 64-bit).
  • Boot the first computer, check for the downloaded drivers and install them one after the other.
  • The current stable drivers are distributed through the official repositories.


Windows Update may offer these drivers as well, but may mark them as optional. Select Uninstall, and then select Yes to confirm. Wait for the update to be removed; during this process, your PC may restart. Often if you’re having trouble running certain applications on your device it may well be that the drivers aren’t up to date.

Monitor performance counters on Intel processors using Counter Control

If you use an outdated driver, then your desktop environment might become sluggish. I once had the gnome-shell process consuming 30% of CPU. The newest version becomes the recommended driver. Notice that you may need a reboot for the change to take effect.

Issues You Can Face Due to Installing Old NVIDIA Drivers

Once you have done this, you can’t then roll back again to an even earlier version. If the rollback option is unavailable, there is a way to uninstall your graphics driver and install an earlier version. Sometimes, you might need to roll back an NVIDIA driver update. If this is the case with your NVIDIA graphics drivers, then knowing how to roll back your update, and use a previous driver, may be helpful. You can opt to use Driver Support to manage your NVIDIA GPU drivers and other devices. Driver Support ensures you only use the latest signed drivers for your PC’s hardware.

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